LINKS a Expertos

Listado de Expertos en el Internet

El Listado a continuacion contiene algunas de las mejores fuentes de Expertos en el Internet en diversas clases de temas y comunidades de usuarios expertos que traen valiosa informacion y respuestas a multiples inquietudes.
Able2Know – Ask an Expert

Academici – Where People Who Know Meet People Who Know

Advanced Thinkers Forum

AnswerBag – Ask Questions and Share Answers

AnswerBlip – Your Questions, Your Answers

AnswerLeaks – Provides Technology Programming Questions and Answers


Answerly – Ask Questions and Receive Answers in Minutes

Answerology – Anonymous Relationship Advice

AnswerSpot – The Spot for All Answers On the Internet

Answer Squad – AQA Q&As

Ask a Conundrum

Ask a Librarian – An Online Reference Service from the Library of Congress

AskA+ Locator

Ask an Expert Sources – Experts Find Information on Anything

Ask Dr. Universe

AskFromExpert – Have a Question Answered by Online Experts in Minutes – Knowledge Sharing Community With Over 5,000,000 Answers

Ask Jeeves

Ask Me

Ask Me Help Desk – Live Answers from Real Experts

Askpedia – Ask, Answer, Discover Knowledge

Ask the Experts

Ask Yahoo!

Authoratory – Database of Leading PubMed Scientists

Authors and Experts

BibApp – Campus Research Gateway and Expert Finder


BitWine – Trusted Advice From Real People

Blazetrak – Search for Professionals and Opportunities

BlurtIt – The Definitive Question and Answer Website

Broadcast Interview Source

Community of Science (COS) Expertise

Cool Interview – World’s Largest Free Database of Questions and Answers – Native Speakers Will Check Your Text In a Foreign Language

Crowdbeacon – Location Based Application That Helps People with Relevant, Localized Information

CrowdSourcing – Tracking the Rise of the Amateur

Directorio EXIT

Directory of South Asia Scholars

Dizzay – Ask Questions, Get Answers

DV Info Net – The Digital Video Information Network


Elance – Instant Access to Great Talent

eMail, Live, Online Library Based Digital Reference Sites

eNotes – Comprehensive Online Educational Resources by Experts


Ether Directory Advice – Telephony-and-Web Platform To Answer Questions

eValueServe Circle of Experts

Evisors – Online Marketplace for Expertise

ExpertBee – Questions and Answers with Rated Experts

ExpertBids – Professional Services MarketPlace


ExpertNet – Helping You Locate Experts in Florida Universities


Experts Database

Experts Directory

Experts Exchange

Experts, Expert Witnesses and Consultants Directory

Experts on the Web

Expert Witness Research

ExploreAnswer – People Sharing Knowledge – Ultimate Answer Search Engine

Faculty Experts Directories 

FAQ Alert – Share Your Knowledge and Sponsor FAQs

Find Experts from JournalismNet

Free Pint Bar – Ask an Expert – Post Your Tricky Web-Related Questions,

GNOSS – Connect Intelligence and Interests

Google Directory – Reference – Ask an Expert

GNOSS – Connect Intelligence and Interests

GradShare – Ask Questions, Get Answers, Get Expert Advice from Graduate School Community

Greenbeard – Schedules Conference Calls With Experts, Mentors, Tutors and Other Specialists

GuruStorms – The World’s Experts Answer Your Questions

Guruza – Fast Answers By Experts

Help-Net Mailing List (Internet Help Resource)

Help-Site Computer Manuals

Highlance – Global Services Marketplace

How Stuff Works

HowStuffWorks LibGuides

Human Capital Institute

Hypios – Social Marketplace for Solutions

Information Services Market Place: The World Directory of Independent Information Professionals (ISMP)

Information Outpost

Innocentive – Open Innovation and Innovation Management – Where Problems are Solved

Innosquared – Collaborative Innovation, Expert Sourcing and Business and Technology Intelligence

Internet FAQ Archives

Internet Tutor

Intota Expert Network

IPL Reference Ask a Question

I Want Your Answers

JurisPro Expert Witness Directory

Just Answer

Kasamba – Expert Advice. LIVE!

KnowBrainers – Your Questions Answered

KnowHowMart – The Online Marketplace for Expert Knowledge


Leading Authorities

Legal and Financial Experts in Europe

LibWEB – Library Servers via WWW

Linkedin Answers

Live QnA


LiveRef(sm): A Registry of Real-Time Digital Reference Services

Lycos IQ

MavenLink – Trusted Experts On Demand

Maybe Now – Live Help for All Your Needs Including Commerce

Media Resource Service

meetoou – Real Human Experts On Any Topic

Microsoft Task Market

Mimas – Organization of Experts Powering Knowledge


MinuteBox – Social Marketplace for Real-Time Advice

MonkeySee – How To Videos by Credible Experts

Mosio – People Powered Mobile Search

MyBrainShark – Valuable Expertise On Demand

MyGuesstimate – You Think You Know

My Info Quest – Txt 4 Answers – International Collaborative Text Reference

mySolvr – The Open Internetwork Intelligence Repository

My Virtual Reference Desk – Homework Helper Ask the Experts

National Academies – Advisers to the Nation on Science, Engineering and Medicine

National Expert Witness Network (NEWN)

Nerac – People Powered Searching

NetworthIQ Personal Finance Questions


NowNow – Receive Answers to your Questions via Mobile eMail

oDesk – The On-Demand Global Workforce

One2OneResearch – Expert Market Reseach and Analysis

One Billion Minds – Innovative Solutions to Challenging Problems in Business, Technology and Social Innovation – World’s Biggest Creative Department

Open Directory – Reference: Ask an Expert

Open Directory – Society: Law: Services: Expert Witnesses

Open Source Experts

Opinionaided – Ask Questions, Give Opinions and Make Friends

OWL – Library of Useful Knowledge, Opinions and Images from Experts Worldwide

PeerIndex – Discover the Authorities and Opinion Formers On a Given Topic

PeerPong – Find an Expert, Be An Expert – Outsourcing to Freelance Programmers and Professionals

Pingsta – The Collaborative Platform for Internet Experts

Piyyem – Questions Answered from Expert Friends

Postgenomic – Aggregator of Science Blogs Free Process Information

ProConLists – Weighing Positives and Negatives


ProfNet – Live Answers 24/7

QueryCAT – Web’s Largest Database of Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionBin – Intelligent Answers for Smart Questions

Questions and Answers – Real Ansers from Real People – Build Your Knowledge Socially


Qunu – Live Help When You Need It Most Right Now

Reference Chat Libraries – Global Listing

Reference Extract – Librarian Based Web Search Engine

RelpyZ – Collect and Amplifies Questions From Around the Web

RentAStudent – Connecting Companies and Qualified University Students

Research Connect – Connecting the World To Information

Rominger Legal Expert Witness and Consultant Directory

Scientific American – Ask the Experts

Serebra Connect – Buy and Sell Business Services on the Web

Shizzam! – Questions Answered by Experts

ShowMe – Learn and Teach Anything

Simon Fraser University – Directory of Experts

Simply Answer

Simply Explained – Questions and Answers By Experts in Their Fields

Site Experts

Smithsonian Experts

SMS Reference

SnappyFingers – Question and Answer Search Engine

Sources and Experts

Sources Select Online

SPREE – The Knowledge Exchange Network Project

Stack Exchange – Expert Knowledge Exchange

Starmind Innovation – Global Brainpower at Your Fingertips

Suggestica – Best Suggestions for Books, Audios and Videos from Trusted Authorities and Experts

TaskCity – Your Global Outsourcing and Offshoring Resource

Tech Support Alert’s Best Tech Support Sites on the Web

Tek-Tips Forums

The AnswerBank – Post Questions, Answers and Discuss Topics of Interest

The Computer Experts

The Thinkers 50

ToAnswer – Get Your Question Answered in 140 Characters Or Less

True Knowledge Answer Engine

Trulia Voices – Real Estate Questions and Answers

TruthSquad : Fact-Check the News

Tutorial Resources

twitQA – Question and Answers on Twitter

TwitterExperts – Twitter Experts Sharing Know How

Uclue – Got a Question – Professional, Fast, and Inexpensive Research Service – Center for Matching Experts and Learners

USC Experts Directory

VideoJug – Comprehensive Library of Free Factual How To and Ask the Expert Videos

Voicetap – Connect To Expert Knowledge

Wanobe – Business Knowledge Market

Weegy – Online Artificial Being, Powered By an Advanced Search Engine and Live Experts

weSrch – Virtual Science Forum Professional Networking

What Should I Say? Get Answers

WikiAnswers™ – Q & A The Wiki Way


WikiLaw3K – Trusted Legal Information for You

wikiHow – The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit – Ask, Answer and Connect

wiseGeek – Clear Answers for Common Questions


World Bank – Guide to Experts

Yahoo Answers

Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons®

Yedda – People Sharing Knowledge

Zombal – Scientific Outsourcing

Current Subject Tracer™ Information Blogs:

Accessibility Resources

Agriculture Resources

Artificial Intelligence Resources

Astronomy Resources

Auction Resources

Biological Informatics

Biotechnology Resources

Bot Research

Business Intelligence Resources


Data Mining Resources

Deep Web Research

Directory Resources

eCommerce Resources

Elder Resources

Employment Resources

Entrepreneurial Resources

Financial Sources

Finding People

Games Resources

Genealogy Resources

Grant Resources

Green Files

Grid, Distributed and Cloud Computing Resources

Healthcare Resources

Information Futures Markets

Information Quality Resources

International Trade Resources

Internet Alerts

Internet Demographics

Internet Experts

Internet Hoaxes

Intrapreneurial Resources

Journalism Resources

Knowledge Discovery

Military Resources

New Economy Analytics, Resources and Alerts

Outsourcing/Offshoring Information and Resources

Privacy Resources

Reference Resources

Research Resources


Script Resources


Social Informatics

Statistics Resources

Student Research

Theology Resources

Tutorial Resources

World Wide Web Reference


Cybercis Corporation